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Lussory: Halal Premium White Airen

Lussory: Halal Premium White Airen

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Are you looking for a lovely wine that is suitable for daily enjoyment? Lussory Premium White Airen is perfect for that. This Spanish white has a refreshing and light taste that complements a variety of flavors well. Hints of tart green apple and lime notes are balanced out by peach and apricot notes with subtle floral undertones.

Its light yellow color is reminiscent of sorbet–delightful and refreshing. This premium non-alcoholic white wine is delicate, but it will add depth when paired with light fare. If you are looking for a wine to complement your tasty dishes without overpowering them, then Lussory Premium White Airen is just what you need.


Airén grapes.

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Refrigerate when not in use.

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